6 Myths About Game Design, Debunked!

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·Mar 18, 2022·

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6 Myths About Game Design, Debunked!
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👋Hello, World! There're many people who have an interest in getting into Game development but some of them are stuck with Myths about game development, created by... Dumbs, maybe.

So in this article, we're going to debunk those myths and get into the reality. No more talks, let's go!


Myth #1: You need A Programming Background to Get started 💻

Damn it, it's the best one I've ever heard.

Taking me as an example, I was just a novice when I started to make games. I didn't know to do anything from my PC except surf the Internet.

Since video games are digital and thus have a somewhat complex backend process, programming is a useful skill to have. There’s great value in a game designer who not only presents ideas but also understands the technical aspects of implementing them. As I always say, Programming skill is always a plus for a game designer. And, the truth is, there are plenty of game designers working in our industry that have little to no programming knowledge.

The only thing you need is, Passion to create video games.


Myth #2: People will steal your ideas 💡

I agree, most people are afraid of this Myth and it's totally fair when you see there are hundreds of copies of famous games.

Let's be more practical. It is true that popular games like Among Us has hundreds of clones but wait, they were created after they became popular in 2020, right? Besides, many of them haven't passed at least 150K downloads.

Keeping your game idea secret is just a useless thing and it’s really only by showing it off that you get feedback on a game to make it better.

But yes, there is always a chance someone could see your idea, hear about you talk about it online, then tweak it and rush it to market before your game is released. Trust me, I've never heard of that kind of thing happening. People think differently, even when thinking about the same thing, so don't be afraid of showing your game to the world before releasing it.


Myth #3: You need to be a gamer to be a game developer 🎮

Same as having prior tech experience, being a gamer is also a Plus for a game designer. A game designer who's good in Gaming has a lot of benefits, But it's not essential to be good at gaming.

There're hundreds of Game designers and game developers who aren't that good at Gaming. And it is totally OK because Game Testers are there to test the game and report bugs.


Myth #4: Programming A Game Engine will help you to make better Games 🕹

Never, it’ll just help you screw them up better. How the hell are you supposed to make your own engine when you haven’t even tried somebody else’s yet?

If your goal is to build your skills as a programmer and deepen your understanding of underlying game architecture, then making your own engine can be extremely rewarding. But for a game developer or a similar type of role, I'd never recommend making a Game Engine on your own.

To be honest, I still wonder why people tend to program their own Game Engines when there are some great Game Engines like Unity and Unreal.

Who Knows.gif

Myth #5: Game Developers are so Rich 💰

No, no! It's wrong.

It’s easy to see why people think that everyone who makes games for a living owns mansions, yachts, and sports cars. News sites and social media pages talk about giant franchises like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, including the millions of units sold and billions of dollars made.

But the truth is different. Only a few who participate in the revenues from hit titles with enough cash to swim in. That said, game developers do in fact get paid pretty well and video games can be sold for a high price, but you may not be able to buy a Lamborghini or private island, you will likely make a fine living while doing what you love— creating fun for others!


Myth #6: Developing video games is all fun and no hard work 😑

Many people think that working in the industry is all about having fun. I wish they will have to create a Game Design Document one day.

Developing a video game is a complex process and it requires a lot of planning, resources, and hard work. It requires a lot of hard work as it is all about bringing innovation and trying out things that have never been done before. It is a rewarding career and the fun part is just one of the elements of the process.


The path to the game development industry is covered with Myths like this, and it's your job to choose the reality. And I hope this article helps you to debunk those myths and get into reality!

Peace ✌



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